Free Spirit Teen Yoga Mississauga

Welcome to Teen Yoga in Mississauga

This is a funky yoga class for teens. Feel strong, empowered and energized through the dynamic combination of yoga postures.


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This class is designed to sculpt your body and make you feel terrific.

Develop greater poise, grace and confidence, as well as a more accepting relationship to your body and a positive image of who you are in the world.

Teen yoga also teaches you how to de-stress and relax.




Benefits of Free Spirit Teen Yoga

  • Benefits of Teen Yoga
  • Develops strength, flexibility and balance
  • Promotes good coordination and posture
  • Develops lifelong foundation for well being
  • Fosters creative expression and imagination
  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Cultivates self esteem, confidence and positive mind
  • Teaches how to breathe and relax
  • Teaches respect for themselves and others and the world around them