Once a stock or call option position is open, you can then enter a one-cancels-other order to sell as soon as it hits your stop loss price or profit taking price. This kind of advanced order ensures that as soon as one of the sell orders is executed, the other order is cancelled. Members have access to the whole trade history, see his live positions on his site, and receive a pre-market update.

Both approaches can be profitable if implemented with skill and discipline over time. This is an outstanding trading platform if you want to dive deep into smart trading. Cobra Trading is a direct access broker focused on access to short opportunities and order execution. Cobra has multiple short locate sources, giving traders access to the best short opportunities in the market.

If this written list gets extensive, I don’t screen for a while, and instead just routinely check all the stocks on my written list. Once the list thins out , I go back to screening using the screens above or those covered in the Swing Trading Course. The unfortunate thing about screens swing trade scanner is that they are exact. There may be a great trade setup out there, but maybe it only is only up 9.95% in the last month, so it doesn’t show up in the Top Stocks screener results. This is why I will use a few different screens, to look for different elements, every couple of days.

  • A trader can measure their performance as a percentage of the trading channel width.
  • You can imagine this scenario playing out over and over.
  • That’s a solid argument for practicing your strategies before you risk real money.
  • In April 2020, the value of the stock shot through the roof.
  • Bcoz you hold humanity but where as western world trying to make money from every thing by selling what they know.

Trade forex, CFDs and commodities with a Valutrades ECN Account. Above all, be wary of getting swept up in all the noise of charts. You basically choose the time frame you are most interested in. From there, pick a time frame a little longer and a little shorter than your main time frame in order to Day trading complement your findings. Liquidity’s importance can’t be overstated enough, but sometimes the idea behind it can get misinterpreted by newbie investors. T3 Live, LLC is a financial publisher that disseminates information about economic, business, and capital markets issues through various media.

Which Swing Trading Strategies Are The Best?

This is what our Swing Trader education package and daily stock market newsletters are for. There is more than one way to find good names to swing trade using the screener! You can find weak, beaten-down names that have the potential to come back. I follow yours trading rules and make some adjustment break event stop and trailing stop. It work very good to me and see my account blooming makes me confident to use this strategy for all my trade.. Of couse i cant win all trade, but when i loss i loss only 1R and when im in profit i can take as much as 3R max..

how to find good swing trades

In this case, we’re comparing the relative strength of sectors against the S&P 500. As a rule of thumb, stocks that have consistently advanced will continue to advance, and vice versa.

TRADEPRO Academy is not responsible for any liabilities arising as a result of your market involvement or individual trade activities. In this case, we get 101 stocks that have met all of our criteria. With which you can do 2 things, go through all of the names and find out which ones look the best. Or you can filter for higher liquidity, which would mean increasing the volume criteria. With 2M we have 61 names that are crossing back above the 20 moving average to show us bullish strength. My goal is to teach you how to forge a sustainable, long-term career as a day trader.

Choosing A Financial Instrument

When the stock market is up and then pulls back, the highest point reached before the retreat is the resistance. Once the market starts rising again, the lowest point reached before the climb is the support. The Standard plan for $118 per month or $1,068 per year includes access to pre-configured and custom scanners, charts, support, the trading room and webinars. The Premium plan for $228 per month or $2,268 per year unlocks access to the A.I. Virtual trading analyst feature, the backtest engine and auto trade with Brokerage Plus and A.I.

how to find good swing trades

For every one stock that is setting up right now , I will find about 10 that are very close to setting up (no order…yet). All those ones that are “close” are written down, and I check back on them regularly. If they fail to form a valid setup, I cross them off the list.

Lessons I Learned From Seeing Tim Grittani

Also, consider whether the broker offers research and insights that can help you make decisions and develop an investing strategy. When you consider your options, make sure you consider fees and features, and weigh the pros and cons. Look for a platform that has low fees and no commissions. Keep in mind that some platforms are self-directed, meaning they work better for active traders. Swing trading is made easier when you have the support of a powerful broker with a user-friendly platform. It makes it easier to monitor the market, track specific stocks, trade via a mobile device, and more.

how to find good swing trades

The second element of this candlestick based method is that we need the breakout candle to close near the low range of the candlestick. This is indicative of strong sellers, which really want to drive this currency pair much lower. The SmartVestor program can help you find a qualified financial advisor near you who can guide you and help you come up with a plan for your money.

A lot of stocks have been overvalued for some time and they still remain at those levels even with a lot of this downside. A lot of people are waiting to start buying into the stock market and they can do so efficiently with the use of Finviz. Find undervalued stocks in April 2020 or even later on Finviz for potential long-term plays with the use of the fundamental tool.


I let my emotions take over, and kept holding despite the chart telling me it’s game over. As a result of letting emotions take over, I am down 60% on both positions compared to 20% down when I noticed it and could have cut further loss. Staying disciplined and removing emotion from the equation is the hardest things for me to do. There are a variety of methodologies to capitalize on market swings. Some traders prefer to trade after the market has confirmed a change of direction and trade with the developing momentum.

How To Pick Stocks For Swing Trading

Even a profitable swing trader might earn less than minimum wage for their efforts.. Many end up with less money than they would have made if they had simply put their investment in an index fund. Moving average crossover points are instructive to many swing trading strategies. In general, traders might conclude that breaking through a moving average is a signal of a new trend starting.

Stock Advisor focuses exclusively on explosive growth stocks, so its portfolio tends to be tech-heavy. Scanning services for swing traders are often used in conjunction with charting services so that you can further investigate potential trades. Swing trading is a powerful strategy that enables you to take advantage of technical movements, stock news, and other short- to medium-term price action. However, swing trading successfully requires careful market analysis, and it can be time-intensive.

While swing traders may hold stocks overnight to several weeks, day trades close within minutes or before the close of the market. A swing trading style, by contrast, may have a few transactions hyperinflation some days and nothing on others. Positions can be checked periodically or handled with alerts when critical price points are reached rather than the need for constant monitoring.

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