The reality is we are already free. The more relevant question is why are you not experiencing this freedom? How did you get stuck, trapped or bound? Annette has dedicated most of her life to unravelling this mystery, and passionately shares her experience of freedom.

Annette Garcea, E-RYT 500, graduated in Economics from the University of Toronto, worked in the investment industry for a number of years and left the industry to find freedom through the path of yoga. She is a Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor, and founded her own boutique style yoga studio Free Spirit Yoga in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, over a decade ago. Annette has taught nationally in Canada, as well as in the USA, Italy, Cyprus and Germany.

Annette was already practicing Hatha Yoga, and Meditation (since 1999) when she dove into the graceful and precise methodology of Anusara Yoga in 2007, recognizing both the efficacy of the biomechanical alignment principles and the empowering psychological approach to healing in this method.

Annette is on the faculty of a number of teacher training programs, and leads international workshops and retreats. She is on the Ethic Committee representing Canada for the new Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Annette has organized the Spirit Yogathon for World Hunger for 10 consecutive years from 2006-2015 in service of the UN World Food Programme.

SHINE is the name of her Bhakti Band, where she delights in offering Kirtan, which combines her love and study of music with yoga.  Annette has been on the Faculty of the Toronto Yoga Conference for 3 years sharing Bhakti Yoga. Annette holds an ARCT diploma in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

Annette teaches with the deepest intention to connect students to their hearts and free spirited nature. Her teachings are inspirational and infused with ancient yoga wisdom that applies to modern day life.

Annette takes deeply to heart what she is blessed to learn on this journey, and strives to live the teachings everyday in her life. With gratitude she honors the true teacher within and without, her family, students, and all those past and present who graced her life as her teachers.

For more on Annette’s journey please read My Journey to Freedom

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“What you are looking for is what is looking”
~ St Francis of Assisi

The Freedom of Yoga

Annette guides each student to open their hearts, and awaken to their true nature, ultimately leaving them empowered by what is revealed. Here is what you can find in an Anusara yoga class:

Annette’s classes incorporate the graceful and precise methodology of Anusara Yoga. Her classes are uplifting spiritually, empowering psychologically and healing physically. Classes include Tantra Philosophy, Heart theme, Therapeutic Alignment Principles, Pranayama and Meditation

1. Uplifting Philosophy

2. Established Theme

3. Therapeutic Alignment

4. Pranayama & Meditation

Anusara yoga classes are based on a life affirming non-dual Tantric philosophy. It is Annette’s intention that every student to leave the class feeling better about him or herself, uplifted and empowered by a revelation of his or her Divine nature.

A heart theme is woven through the breath and postural instructions of the pose or asana, effectively creating the attitudinal expression of the poses from the ‘inside out’. The heart quality cultivates the connection between the physical yoga poses and the greater spiritual purposes of yogic practices.

A unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles called the “Universal Principles of Alignment™” are applied to each asana. These principles of alignment are therapeutic and accessible to everyone.

Each class begins with an invocation, centering and pranayama, as a devotional recognition of the grace-bestowing universal power of Spirit within and around us. Classes are concluded with Savasana and/or meditation to assimilate the teachings and honor the spiritual experience of the class.


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