The Freedom of Yoga

You’re ready to make a shift

I’m dedicated to your freedom

We have a common goal

Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, I offer a range of options to help you grow/develop your practice and evolve your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Let’s get started!


Weekly opportunity to be guided and supported on your journey to freedom. View Class Schedule.

Private Instruction:

One on One practice to create a personal plan of freedom. Contact Annette

Corporate Yoga:

Are you stressed out at work? Under constant pressure. Yoga classes can be held at your office and offered for special team building events

You can practice with me from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world.

Specialty Classes:

I am available to design a class or program for your groups needs. I have taught various specialty classes and programs including:
Prenatal, Kids and Teen Yoga, Mom and Me Yoga
High school (Peel School Board)
Various Sports Teams ie soccer, hockey, baseball
Classes for Police
Community Events


My specialty workshops accelerate transformation beyond what is possible in regular classes. I offer various workshops: Yoga Philosophy, Class Theming, UPA’s & Therapeutics, Meditation, Mythology and Mantra, Hormone Health & Nutrition, Kirtan, Manage Anxiety, and Create a Vision Board.

Also, for studio owners and teachers who offer teacher trainings, my workshops can be customized to fit your training format. Please visit my learn page to enrol.


Retreats create an opportunity to break away from a daily routine to reflect and explore more deeply and the support of community or like-minded individuals. My retreats are offered a few times a year in beautiful locations around the world. Please visit my learn page and join me on my next excursion.


An important step to diving more deeply into your Anusara Yoga practice and also to becoming a licensed Anusara Yoga teacher is participating in the 100 Hours Anusara Yoga Immersion.

The Immersion is an auspicious and life changing journey. Dive into Anusara’s life-affirming philosophy and therapeutic Universal Principles of Alignment ™ and discover your authentic self. The Immersion is a powerful platform for deepening and refining your practices of asanas, meditation, pranayama, study and contemplation.

Teacher Trainings:

One of the finest teacher training programmes in the world. Anusara Yoga™ is highly regarded because of the quality of its teachers and teacher training.
 Learn or refine the foundation of techniques, tools, and skills you need to become an excellent teacher with Anusara’s blend of deep meaning, clarity, and delight.

This teacher training programme includes: How to teach all the central elements of an Anusara Yoga™ class, including heart themes and the Universal Principles of Alignment the art of teaching hatha yoga, including basic asana instructions, observation skills and verbal and physical adjustments The basics of asana and breath instruction, including the art of sequencing a class, working with pace and variety to inspire your students, and teaching pranayama and meditation.

This program offers the highest quality curriculum for yoga teacher training, helping you to develop skill in teaching the postures and practices of yoga in ways that are progressive, intelligent, and deep, speaking to the heart of your students. Learn to seek inspiration in yoga’s richness, within yourself, and in your students, to thereby inspire and serve others. Find out more about the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training.

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