Light on Anusara Theming – Charting the Way

Light on Anusara – A Class Template (full day) – Suitable for teachers. Includes asana, contemplation, theming, teaching

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is currently run by an inspiring community of teachers around the world. Join Annette and Tobias and learn how to create a powerful class in this method which incorporates the efficacy of the bio-mechanical alignment principles and the empowering psychological approach to healing.

Included in this workshop is theming, directives, UPAs, heart quality, etc. If you want to create Yoga Classes that have the hallmarks of Anusara Yoga, this workshop is for you. If you want to save time and improve your classes, this is for you, too. You will learn a simple and powerful way that will help you prepare an Anusara yoga class and bring all together when you are teaching the class. You will get to know how to create, control and check your class plan with regards to different hallmarks of the Anusara Yoga method. The technique will improve the quality of your classes and over time increase your speed in preparing classes. We will also show you how to “re-use“ or “recycle“ your classes easily on your computer.

Learn to create your own LOA Chart.
The LOA Chart is a compact tool supporting you to…

  • Bring the hallmarks of Anusara together to a certifiable Anusara class
  • Discuss with mentor, study buddy and yourself and to check and improve the class plan efficiently
  • Build your library of effective classes even if you use handwritten planning

This workshop presumes you are familiar with the hallmarks of the Anusara Yoga Method. It is not going to explain the content from Immersions or Teacher Trainings.