Yoga stimulates the digestive system. With a healthy digestive system we eliminate toxins and impurities that make us sluggish. There is a powerful practice in yoga called Nauli (see video below).

It kindles the digestive fire, and tones abdominal muscles, intestines, reproductive system, excretory and urinary organs, and balances the endocrine system.

I suggest you practice Nauli before your meals everyday. It results in an increased blood flow and fire energy to your abdominal area and this is optimal for digestion, assimilation, and absorption of nutrients, and excretion of what is needed in the digestive process. Nauli activates the system in a shorter time with greater force.

My experience, after I practice Nauli, “I am not as hungry and I have more energy!”

Not only does Nauli help physically with digestion and elimination, but also metaphorically with thoughts and emotions.

Often underneath toxins are old, embedded emotions. Release the emotions and you release the toxins. These emotions that are held may also be the culprit of weight gain in the first place cbd shisha apotheca.

Our bodies need balance, clarity, purity, cleansing and detoxification,

Here comes the Nauli!