Ardha Purvotanasana – Upward Facing Table

  • Category: Fun
  • Stretches wrists and shoulders
  • Expands chest fully for deep breathing

Cat/Cow (video with cat)

  • Category: Fun
  • Awakens the spine and cultivates deep breathing

Celebrating with a playful Yoga Practice

I received my Anusara Yoga® Certification on Valentine’s Day! I was so happy and proud to achieve this and to be the 10th in Canada! I felt like celebrating with a funky yoga practice.

My gratitude to the dedicated team of teachers who helped me complete my process which was delayed due to the year of transformation of the Anusara Yoga® School.

Yoga In A Castle In The Clouds

Yoga in an ancient castle watchtower in our yoga retreat in Tuscany: The castle I was in is 1000 years old. I practiced in many different places on the grounds. One of the coolest places was in the watchtower of the ancient castle.

However, rather than watch guarding like in the olden days, my task was to watch my breath and stay present in every moment. Actually, if anyone entered the castle during my practice, I would be oblivious to this!