I love the energy of your classes, which is very important to me when practicing yoga. I also felt the depth of you soul connecting with the other souls in the room. After each practice I felt graceful, like I was having the wings. So, thank you very much for the deep connection, and for teaching me the correct way to hold the poses. Many blessing and love.

Oksana R.
Thank you for all the years of teaching me the principles of yoga and it’s spiritual lessons. You are the teacher who really allowed me to connect with the practice of yoga and I am so grateful for that. Thank you.
Patricia M.
You are a beacon of light.
Tom M.
Hi Annette, I was most disappointed when Glenna told me you were going on a sabbatical and were not sure when you would return. You are a true inspiration not only on the may (so challenging yet gentle and always modified to your students) but also off it, which is so valuable and something to strive for. You gave us such positive feeling about our selves, accepting ourselves for who we are, and the ability to see the good in ourselves. You will be really missed!

I want to thank you for giving me the tools to continue yoga on and off the mat on my own. I’ll never stop striving to be the best me. You are the BEST so loving, kind and caring. I really enjoyed the befores where your shared life stories and yoga history. Thanks for taking the time to prepare them. Loved your classes from beginning to end. Always left feeling better than when I came in even on my good days! Hopefully you will return to us at some future date. You will often be in my thoughts. You have been an exceptional teacher. What a pleasure to know you, a gift. Light and love, stay well and happy.

Inge R.
I’ve loved yoga since I started taking it 10 years ago and have been a student of Annette Garcea’s at Free Spirit Yoga for the past 8 years. Her warm and welcoming environment, ability to understand and challenge students at all levels and depth of knowledge, make her the best yoga instructor I’ve encountered. Annette’s keen eye ensures we are doing the poses safely as she guides us to go a bit further each time. After Annette’s yoga class, I feel calm serene and strong.
You opened the door to the world of yoga for me – I’m eternally grateful to you for that gift, as I’m a better and happier person because of it!
Karen E.

Congratulations, Annette! There is no doubt in my mind that you are one of the best yoga teachers in the world. You have always inspired me to do my best and I know yoga has been good for my mind body and spirit.

I keep reading over this letter and still can’t believe that I will not be taking yoga classes with you this January. I guess you have been a weekly part of my life for the last 8 or 9 years and I am going to miss you so much. You inspired me beyond belief. You made me stronger and made me attempt more than what I ever thought I would be capable of doing. I loved listening to your stories and I learned so much. You are an amazing teacher, and I know great teachers when I see one. I guess I hoped you would be on Willa Ave, forever.

Cynthia B.
Annette, you were a wonderful teacher, and mentor of Yoga, I know that through my life travels, I have not met a more sincere, or dedicated yogi, who shared her unique knowledge of life and experiences. For that I will be forever grateful…I am wishing you Love, Happiness and Peace forever more… thank you for the pleasure of knowing you…all the best!
Sandy B.