When we step onto our yoga mat, or meditate we can apply one or all of these intentions to our practice. I for instance applied these to my practice, which included headstand and some challenging arm balances. I will elaborate on this later.

Three key intentions to practice:

  1. Focus and effort
  2. Let go of all grudges
  3. When you get knocked down, get up again

What do the three things mean for your yoga practice?

First, focus and be present. The discipline and effort put into your practice is directly related to the amount of freedom you will attain. For example, I play the piano. All the years of my youth, I practiced everyday after school. This took focus and discipline. Today I can sit down and effortlessly read music and play at a high level. If you apply the same discipline to your yoga with good alignment, you will have more freedom to move easier over time.

Second, what grudges are you holding on to? These may block you from going deeper inside yourself. If you hold onto a grudge it takes away energy. Energy that can be directed toward growth and expansion is lost. You can ask yourself, what does the grudge tell you about yourself. And, does this behavior (holding the grudge) serve you in the long run? It is sometimes a process to let go. One powerful way to let go is with the breath. On the exhalation, let go of what does not serve you. Let go of your grudges. Let go again. And again….

Third, if you falter, in your yoga practice or pose, or in your meditation practice, simply begin again. Take a new breath. It is not so simple sometimes. In asana practice, I recommend starting with the foundation and rebuilding up. The actions you practice will build the strength you need to fly. Remember the wise saying, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but more importantly how many times you get back up.

I have applied these to my practice, which included headstand and some challenging arm balances. I tend to collapse out of my arm balances with fatigue (kind of like getting knocked down) and loss of focus! Each time, I get up and try again, with determined focus on the actions and building from the foundation up, I know I am getting closer and stronger. My experience in these challenging poses is my energy is flattened when I have held onto a grudge. It is challenging enough to carry your self. It is exhausting, to carry yourself and a heavy grudge. You don’t have a chance if you are holding onto something that doesn’t serve you, because it only weighs you down!