Please find special belated Mother’s Day greetings below and a tribute to my dear father, who passed on May 9th, the day before Mother’s Day. Some of you had the opportunity to meet him at the studio, he also frequented my Yogathon for many years. Please read the special blessing below.

I am continuing my travels and studies, teaching occasionally at fundraisers, YTT’s, and Yoga Festivals. I am home for the next month, and you may catch me attending Michelle’s classes or you can join me for an Anusara Yoga Immersion in June.

I am also looking forward to hosting the 10th Spirit Yogathon at Free Spirit Yoga on June 20th, and hope you will join in on the fun. All proceeds collected this year will be donated to the World Food Programme’s efforts for earthquake in Nepal.

Once again, I will be retreating in Tuscany, Italy in July.

Blessings and Love,

10th Spirit Yogathon on June 20th – LOVE, SERVE, REMEMBER –

“I don’t care whether the world’s going to end tomorrow or it’s going to go on forever. What difference does it make to me? I’m still going to do the same thing I do every day which is to love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember, love, serve, remember…” –Ram Dass

SUP yoga in Port Credit with Michelle at Mississauga Canoe Club.

June Anusara Immersion – Mississauga, Canada

There are 3 Anusara Yoga Immersions. The 3 parts, totalling 108 hours, will be split up over 6 weekends as follows:

Part 1 $600.00 – 36 hours
Weekend 1 (18 hours)
Friday June 12th 6pm -10 pm
Saturday June 11th 9am – 4pm
Sunday June 12th 9am – 4pm

Weekend 2 (18 hours)
Friday June 26th 6pm -10pm
Saturday June 27 9am – 4pm
Sunday June 28 9am – 4pm

Tentative dates for Part 2 and Part 3 – 36 hours each
Part 2 $600.00 – 36 hours – Sept. 11/12/13 and 18/19/12 – 2015
Part 3 $600.00 – 36 hours – Oct. 30/31/1 and Nov. 6/7/8 – 2015

Workshops and Festivals in the Autumn

September 26/27 Bhagavad Gita Workshop in New London, Connecticut, USA
YTT at Blissworks Yoga Studio

September 28 – October 4 Samavesha Yoga Festival in Martha’s Vineyard, USA

November 13-15 – Shrifest Yoga Festival in Collingwood, Canada.

A tribute and blessings to my father:

I watched my father courageously battle cancer for the past few years with a fervent desire to live. He was a true warrior. He never complained or revealed the depth of his pain. He loved being together with his family the best and was thinking of others first. He started yoga at 75 and loved doing the yoga practices until age 83. Some of you may have seen him in my classes or met him at the Yogathon or Kirtan. Even when he could hardly move anymore, he would do breathing, meditation and gentle twists. This seemed to have helped him a lot to handle his discomfort. I can say I am truly blessed and grateful to have had his beautiful soul touch my life, teach me and guide me.

May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on.

To all of the mothers out there:

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! I’m so grateful for my Mom and all of the ways she sacrificed for me while growing up. She continues to give me love, and support. I have a great appreciation for all mothers for their depth of service, dedication, and love they give to their families.

I came across this article by Ram Dass on Mother, I hope you enjoy….

See Everything as the Mother

At one point Maharaji said, “See everything as the Mother and you will know God.” What was he talking about, seeing your mother in everything?

We Westerners have our share of relationship complexities with our mothers, with interpretations galore courtesy of Dr. Freud. The view of the mother in India is different. The country is called Mother India. A Western devotee once told Maharaji he hated his mother, and nobody understood what he was saying. The concept didn’t make it across the cultural barrier. In India the mother is so deeply respected and revered, there was no way that statement could be understood. There is an Indian saying that there may be bad children, but there are no bad mothers.
The Divine Mother, the Goddess, has many dimensions. In the broadest sense consciousness and energy, eternal spirit and matter are male and female. Out of the One in the first glimmer of duality comes purusha, the formless spirit, and prakriti, the cosmic energy that coalesces into form. As God and Goddess they are Shiva, who personifies pure absolute consciousness and the seed of procreation, and Shakti, who manifests infinite forms.
Seeing the world as the Mother, seeing everything as her manifestation, involves a shift in perception. The way you go about your daily life may be the same, eating, sleeping, defecating, reproducing, socializing, gratifying your senses, earning your livelihood, solving problems, contributing to society, relieving suffering. But you see it all as a child sheltered in the loving arms of your Mother, who is all creation. The blue sky is her mind, the green leaves pulse with her blood, the wind is her breath, the rain, her water of life. She is Gaia, the Earth Mother, but also subtler than that Chronicparadise.
By telling us to see everything as the Mother, I think Maharaji meant us to use every detail of life as grist for the mill of our spiritual development. Every experience is a mirror reflecting where we are in our consciousness and our work of the moment. In the compassionate embrace of the Mother the layers of old habits, preconceptions, and residues of past experiences can dissolve in the ocean of maternal affection. – Ram Dass, Be Love Now