Dear Friends around the world – It’s been a while – Many heartfelt greetings from Cyprus.

I hope this letter finds you.

In whatever state you are in.

I send my love and truest regards.

What a few months.

What a world.

And what a time to be alive.

To work together, to look inward, to listen.

What an opportunity to see what we really are capable of embodying.

And, what a time to connect to your ‘at home’ practice.

If there was ever a time to re-energize, re-connect with your willingness to sit with yourself, care for yourself – it could be now.

If there was ever a time to acknowledge that your relationship to ‘yourself’ can have a direct impact on others – it could be now.

In addition to connecting to one’s ‘self’, practice with me and engage with the Free Spirit Yoga’s online community on YouTube!

This is new and born out of this time of the global pandemic.

Join and share with your family and friends the Yoga with Annette YouTube Channel.  I have posted my first live video from beautiful Cyprus.  It is free to join.  This is a private and safe space for everyone to learn and engage.  See you on the mat soon!

Love from Cyprus,


My first practice is called:  Energy Medicine – Energy Yoga Practice – Yoga With Annette

Energy Medicine – Everyone on this planet is a healer.  You are a healer.  We use the breath, poses and movement to tap in to this cosmic energy that connects us all.  Connecting to energy is a powerful way to shift your body, mind and spirit.   It can affect everything you do.  The energy can be offered back in service of the greater good.